3 Common Kitchen Cutlery Care Mistakes To Avoid


Although your cutlery may be small when compared to other professional equipment in the kitchen, it plays a huge role in ensuring your restaurant’s success each day. That’s why it’s so important for you to discuss proper ways to care for your knives with your kitchen staff after purchasing them from yourrestaurant supplies company. Here is a look at a few common kitchen cutlery care mistakes:

Rusted Knives
One of the most common mistakes that employees make when caring for professional cutlery is failing to adequately dry it after washing. As knives sit to air dry on their own, they develop rust stains, which can be difficult to remove. Another common way that knives become rusted is by being placed to soak with other dirty dishes. Instruct your staff to always rinse knives immediately after use, especially when butchering raw meat or poultry.

Dull Blades
You should advise your employees to regularly sharpen knives using the proper tools. When you are not using your professional cutlery, store it on a magnetic rack or in a reliable knife block to avoid dulling the blades. Never place knives in the dishwasher to clean, as this can lead to dull, damaged edges.

Improper Application
Another common mistake that can ruin your cutlery is to use the wrong knife for a given task. Whenbuying cutlery from your restaurant supplies company, invest in paring, boning, carving, bread, butcher, and chef’s knives as well as a few novelty pieces such as oyster or sashimi knives. Instruct any inexperienced members of the kitchen staff to familiarize themselves with how each of these knives is to be used.

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