3 Factors To Consider When Designing Your Restaurant


The way you design your restaurant can have a big impact on the success of the business. At CuliQuip, we have restaurant design experts on staff to help you make the important decisions. If you are buildingyour new restaurant, here are some design factors to keep in mind:

Seating and Space
The way you balance your seating with your available space will make a tremendous difference in how efficiently your business runs. When you open up more seating than your kitchen can handle, you run the risk of having slow service and below-par food production. If you have more kitchen than your seating justifies, you could be losing money. As a rule of thumb, every seat in your restaurant requires five square feet of kitchen space. The experts at CuliQuip can help you determine the right separation of space for your business.

Health Codes
Health codes are a big deal in the restaurant business, and you need start following them from the minute you design your restaurant. Chances are that your local health codes require certain design attributes, like a drain within a certain number of feet from your ice machine. Study your local guidelines to make sure you don’t get any nasty surprises about health codes right before you plan to open your doors.

Easy Change
Even with the best of intentions, it’s impossible to really know what you like and don’t like about your restaurant design until it actually starts operating. Make sure your design is easily adaptable to account for personal preferences, operating procedure changes, and kitchen changes.

Designing your restaurant can be easy with CuliQuip on your side. Trust our design experts with your layout, and let us fill your kitchen with quality restaurant equipment. Find out how we can help you in Philadelphia by calling (240) 489-2588.

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