3 Factors To Consider When Planning Your Professional Kitchen Ventilation System


Although choosing linens, furniture, and lights for your dining room may be more exciting than picking out ventilation equipment for your commercial kitchen, it’s important for you to address your this basic need in order to create a healthy and well-functioning indoor environment. With help from your restaurant design team, planning your ventilation system can be a quick, stress-free process. Here are three factors you should consider when planning your professional kitchen ventilation system:

Sustainability and Green Design
These days, it’s easier than ever to incorporate energy efficiency into every element of your professional kitchen design. One way to make your ventilation system efficient is to install demand-based exhaust detectors. These detectors determine how much ventilation is needed to make up for the pollution your cooking causes. According to Energy Star, such a system can reduce exhaust-related energy costs by 30% to 50%.

Kitchen Layout
The kitchen layout also plays a major role in how your ventilation system works. The key zones in need of airing out are those occupied by stovetops, ovens, and broilers. To make designing your ventilation scheme easy, place these appliances on exterior walls so that you won’t have to rely on recirculating hoods to filter the air.

Daily Use of Cooking Appliances
When designing your kitchen’s ventilation system, be sure to discuss your average daily use of major cooking appliances. For example, if you run a restaurant that relies heavily on your gas range, you need to install sufficient ventilation capable of cleansing the air throughout the day.

For more tips on creating the perfect ventilation system for your commercial kitchen, speak with the team here at CuliQuip in Philadelphia. In addition to providing you with the ventilation equipment you need, we can also advise you on installation and use. To learn more about our design services, call us at (240) 489-2588 or visit us online.

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