3 Tips for Buying an Energy Star Commercial Kitchen Package


If you are in the restaurant industry, there are many powerful incentives for choosing Energy Star appliances for your kitchen. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, commercial kitchen equipment swaps that have already been made by restaurants have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 130,000 metric tons. That amounts to taking 25,000 cars off the road. Consider these tips for buying Energy Star commercial kitchen products:

Think Past Sticker Price
When you shop for Energy Star appliances for your restaurant, one thing might start to stand out: The price tag is often higher for these appliances than less-efficient options. Don’t be swayed by the higher upfront outlay, though! In the long run, these appliances can save you thousands in operating costs with lower utility bills. You may spend more at the store, but you will save for many years to come.

Buy Equipment for Efficient Cooking
The cooking methods your kitchen uses can have a big impact on the environment. Try to buy Energy Star appliances that give you the option to use low-energy cooking techniques. Ovens and griddles, for instance, use less energy than rotisseries and broilers. Look at your menu before you shop for new Energy Star appliances to see how it can be adapted.

Learn Proper Operating Techniques
When you’re shopping for Energy Star appliances for your restaurant, make sure to get advice for the most energy-efficient ways to use them. Learn about when to disconnect the appliance when it’s not in use and what maintenance it needs to stay in top working order. A properly maintained appliance will offer you the most energy efficiency.

For help making your restaurant green, contact CuliQuip. We can help you find the Energy Star appliances and other equipment you need to succeed in the Washington, D.C. restaurant industry. Call us at (240) 489-2588 to learn more.

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