4 Factors To Consider When Choosing Restaurant Seating


In addition to purchasing restaurant equipment, restaurateurs will need to buy restaurant seating that serves the needs of their space and complements the overall style and design. From size to color, there are numerous aspects of seating that owners will need to think about before heading out to shop. Here are four factors to consider when choosing restaurant seating:

Keep the Restaurant Design in Mind

When choosing seating, consider the size of your space and the atmosphere you want to establish. Individual chairs better suit upscale restaurants, whereas booths or benches are more appropriate for a casual dining experience. Make sure to purchase enough chairs or booths to seat your clients while still allowing space for walking and comfort.

Set a Seating Budget

It is essential that you determine how much you can spend on seating. Factor in kitchen appliances, rent, plates and silverware, food, salaries, and other necessary expenses before buying new pieces. If you decide to buy used seating, carefully examine each piece for signs of damage.

Only Buy Commercial Seating

Although you may prefer some non-commercial items to their commercial counterparts, remember that your chairs need to hold up for several years. Commercial furniture is designed to sustain the wear and tear of frequent use; therefore, you will get the most for your money.

Consider Easily Maintainable Pieces

With so many clients entering and leaving the restaurant each day, it’s inevitable that chairs will be spilled on occasionally. Since you won’t have time to rigorously clean in between customers, choose seats that you can easily wipe down with a cloth. Have any fabric covers cleaned professionally once to twice per year.

Choosing restaurant seating for your new business is an exciting and rewarding process. At CuliQuip, we know how important equipment, technology, and products like seating are to the success of yourrestaurant, and we work to provide you with the services you need. To learn more about how we can help your restaurant, call us at (240) 489-2588 or visit us online today.

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