A Guide To Cleaning Range Hood Filters


Your commercial kitchen range enables you to bake, broil, and warm the dishes that help you earn a living. Your range hood filters absorb and process exhaust to keep your kitchen safe and clean. With each use, however, grease and grime accumulate on the filters. To maximize the effectiveness of your range hood and help you maintain that “A” rating from the Public Health Department, use these tips to keep your filters clean and sanitary.

In a commercial kitchen, range hood filters should be checked on a monthly basis. Most mesh filters clip right off. Once you have removed the filters from the hood, examine them and clean them if they are dirty. If they are clean, you can clip them right back on and check them again next month.

To make the cleaning process easier, soak filters in a solution of water, dishwashing detergent, and vinegar before scrubbing them. A quick soak should make the grease and grime come off more easily.

After ten or fifteen minutes of soaking, take a bristled brush to the filters and scrub gently. If grease comes off, they are ready to be scrubbed clean. If there is considerable resistance, soak them a bit longer before giving it another shot.

Rinse and Repeat
If the grease comes off clean, you can dry the filters and replace them. If some grease remains, soak them again and repeat the process. Do this until the filters look like new.

If This Technique Fails…
If the above technique does not clean your hood filters to your satisfaction, you may be able to melt the grease off. Use a steam cleaner or placing your filters in pans and heating them on the stovetop. If you try this, use only low heat.

If cleaned properly and regularly, your hood filters should last for the life of your range oven and stovetop. Should you need new filters or a new oven for your Baltimore, D.C., or Philadelphia restaurant, CuliQuip can fit you with them. To learn more about our kitchen ventilation equipment, call (240) 489-2588. You can also learn more about our restaurant equipment by visiting our website.

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