A Look At Essential Bakery Equipment


The success of your restaurant depends just as heavily on owning the right restaurant equipment as it does employing the right bakers, chefs, and cooks to prepare delicious food. This rings especially true for those restaurateurs who plan on incorporating baking in their kitchens. Here is a look at essential bakery equipment you will need:

Dough Preparation Equipment

Producing dough for a large crowd can be incredibly time-consuming. Professional dough rollers and dough sheeters are the best solutions for this issue, as they quickly provide bakers with dough that fits the consistency and size they need. These two pieces of restaurant equipment come in various dimensions and styles that can easily fit within most bakery or restaurant design plans.

Proofers and Ovens

Before baked goods containing yeast can be placed into the oven, they need to rise for a short period of time. An oven proofer is the ideal location for this process, as it can be controlled to meet the needs of each product. After the given dough has had enough time to rise inside the proofer, it should be placed into a high-quality oven. If space is tight in the kitchen, bakers can utilize proofer and oven combination equipment, such as Piper Products’ Super Systems.

Holding Cabinets

Once your tasty treats have finished baking, they need to stay warm and fresh before being served to the customer. Holding cabinets are the ideal piece of restaurant equipment for containing any kind of baked good at a controlled temperature. Many holding cabinets, such as the PEC Series by Prolon, can store up to several dozen baking trays.

If your new restaurant or bakery is in need of dependable, high-quality equipment, visit CuliQuip. All of our top-of-the-line bakery equipment is on display in our showrooms and we have our selection online as well. To schedule a consultation with one of our showroom representatives, call us today at (240) 489-2588.

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