An Overview Of Your Restaurant Refrigeration Options


Restaurant owners know that buying the right restaurant equipment is just as essential to delivering a successful meal as the actual preparation of the food. The key to providing your chefs with the freshest ingredients is to keep food ready for preparation in appropriate refrigerators. Here is an overview of your restaurant refrigeration options:

Worktop Refrigeration

For small restaurant kitchens, refrigerators and freezer units that offer a worktop space are an effective means of maximizing space and efficiency. Chefs will be able to locate food quickly and prepare it in the same space; this will also help establish stations for specific duties.

Large Bulk Storage

If your restaurant stores large amounts of meat or other items that require temporary freezing or refrigeration, you could benefit from a walk-in cooler. A walk-in cooler gives you a vast amount of space to store and organize your ingredients.

Deli-Specific Coolers

Delicatessens often require restaurant equipment that allows chefs to prepare sandwiches and salads quickly while keeping ingredients fresh. You can also purchase deli cases that showcase the meats and cheeses you sell to hungry customers.

Classic Blast Refrigerators

The food you serve needs to be tasty as well as safe for patrons to eat. Blast coolers are essential pieces of restaurant equipment that allow food to be quickly chilled for storage or service. Their temperatures will keep food safe from bacteria that could harm customers.

Ice Cream Equipment

Ice cream parlors and restaurants that serve this delectable treat need to have ready access to these desserts. Refrigerated cabinets range in size and capacity, but many can hold multiple three-gallon cans.

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