Choosing Organizational Equipment to Help Your Kitchen Run Smoothly

Restaurant Dishwashing Station

An organized kitchen is a fast kitchen. When everything you need to prepare, cook, and serve food is in a dedicated space, your team spends less time searching and more time working. If you’re shopping for organizational restaurant equipment for your commercial kitchen, consider these tips.

Take a Functional Approach

A commercial kitchen is a wild place to be during a rush. People, plates, and problems seem to fly everywhere without an organized system. When choosing organizational equipment for you commercial kitchen, it helps to picture how organization will work best given the layout of the kitchen. Avoid placing bulky storage solutions in highly congested areas and ask yourself where your current organization equipment could be improved.

Think Vertically

When you store upwards, you end up saving more space in the end. Mounting multi-tiered racks above prep tables makes it quick and easy for kitchen staffers to reach items. Vertically stacked racks and shelves also help prioritize kitchen equipment by placing high-demand items on the lower shelves and the less commonly used ones higher. Some racks have hooks on the bottom too—useful for hanging pans by their handles.

Make it Mobile

Rolling racks provide a great solution for storing and transporting food from one area or another. This makes it easy to move freshly prepared food stuffs into the walk-in cooler or freezer in one move. If you cater events, you’ll find this especially useful for increasing kitchen productivity. Consider an insulated tray truck to organize and transport food that you need to keep at a certain temperature.

Be Creative

Every open and unused space in your kitchen is an opportunity for you to add more organizational features. If your walk-in tends to run out of shelf space after every delivery, consider placing a rack in the middle of the cooler to add extra storage space.

At CuliQuip, we understand how kitchens work and how having the right restaurant equipment increases production. That’s why we offer the best organizing solutions through our catalog. Take a look at our selection of restaurant and kitchen equipment and supplies for your food service needs. Give us a call at (240) 489-2588 or visit our website for more information

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