Essential Equipment For Your Restaurant's Bar


In many ways, your bar is the heart of your restaurant’s business. A restaurant bar is more than just a place for customers to sit while they wait for a table—it is a place for people to gather and meet friends, enjoy a cocktail or a snack, and simply relax at the end of a long day. To make sure your bar lives up to its full potential, you should be sure that you have the right restaurant equipment and supplies to keep your staff and customers happy:

Cocktail Shaker Set

If your restaurant’s bar serves anything besides beer and wine, you should have at least a few cocktail shaker sets on hand. From a simple martini to an elaborate mixed drink, cocktail shakers are essential to serving up the most cutting-edge drinks.

Condiment Holder

What’s a martini without an olive or a margarita without a lime? To be sure that your bartenders have all of the condiments and garnishes they need to make the best cocktails, your bar should have at least one condiment holder. Convenient and easy to clean, condiment holders are an essential supply for any great bar.

Glass Washer

Your restaurant may have a dishwashing station in back of the house, but it’s also a good idea to have a glass washer just for your bar. That way, your bartenders won’t have to worry about running out of glasses or stepping away from a busy bar to fetch more.

Bar Stools

Even if your restaurant’s bar is small, you should still offer a few places for your patrons to sit. Bar stools can be simple and versatile, whether you opt for classic backless stools or modern high-backed versions.

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