Gas vs. Electric Fryers

Deep fryer with on restaurant kitchen

The deep fryer has long been a fixture in most of today's restaurants. As an essential piece of restaurant equipment, restaurant owners and operators have the choice of choosing between gas and electric. Both types of deep fryers have their advantages, and depending upon your needs you may find that your kitchen is best served by one or the other.

Electric Fryers

Electrically-operated deep fryers have a few key advantages over their gas-operated brethren. This type of kitchen equipment does not typically suffer a drastic temperature drop when large quantities of frozen product are added to the fryer. They also offer highly precise temperature control, which can make adjusting between different types of fried food a relatively quick process.

High-efficiency electric fryers help keep your utility costs down as well. In the end, they can offer a high amount of output at an efficient rate. One disadvantage to electric fryers is that they do not have a "cold zone" like gas fryers do.

Gas Fryers

Gas-burning deep fryers do have a key advantage in this cold zone. Because the burners are often located above the base of the frying pot, a cold zone is created at the bottom. This prevents burning, and helps preserve the flavor of the breaded product without transferring flavors between the oil and the food. A disadvantage to gas fryers is that they do tend to recover much more slowly when large amounts of cold or frozen product are added. They do also rise to the appropriate temperature more quickly than electric fryers can.

The best type of deep fryer for your restaurant will depend upon the types of fried food you prepare, the output you require, and the efficiency you seek. CuliQuip can help you determine whether a gas or electric deep fryer is ideal for your kitchen. Visit us online to learn about both types of restaurant equipment fryers that we stock, or contact us at (240) 489-2588 today if you have any questions.

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