Gordon Ramsay and CuliQuip Bring an Outdated Restaurant Kitchen into the Modern Age

CuliQuip - Kitchen Nightmares.mov

One of the most common mistakes made by restaurants is failing to update and modernize their kitchens. Instead of using new, safe restaurant equipment, they continue to rely on outdated, potentially dangerous appliances.

In this video you will see Gordon Ramsay and CuliQuip bring an outdated restaurant kitchen into the modern age. In this restaurant in Plainfield, New Jersey, much of the equipment is not suited to the kind of food the restaurant specializes in. A wok, for example, is specifically made for Chinese food, not soul food. Furthermore, a pizza oven is not suited to this type of food either. Gordon Ramsay and CuliQuip combined forces to install a proper stove, an oven, and a host of other appliances that can be used to safely and effectively prepare soul food.

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