How a Wireless Point-Of-Sale System Can Streamline Your Ordering and Payment Process

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Wireless point-of-sale systems are fast becoming the standard in use for today’s restaurants. Wireless systems are often considered the standard type of restaurant equipment, but before long, most restaurants’ waitstaff will be carrying tablets exclusively, while seating and ordering will be done completely electronically. Wireless systems will vastly improve the accuracy, speed, and efficiency of your restaurant.

Host Stations, Seating, and More

Wireless point-of-sale systems can be used for more than just ordering and payment. In fact, these systems can integrate with your entire restaurant operations. They can track sales and customer visits, clearly identify and organize guest seating, and help keep your waitstaff accurate and quick.

These systems can also be used to track your inventory as a part of the ordering process. When a particular meal is ordered and marked as completed, the appropriate items can be deducted from your inventory. This can be extremely helpful when you need to order new supplies for your restaurant.

Ordering and Payment

The ordering process itself is where the wireless point-of-sale system truly shines. Waitstaff can carry tablets such as iPads to show customers interactive menus and take their orders directly at their table, whereupon they are sent to the kitchen. Waitstaff can also be wirelessly notified when an order is up and ready for delivery to the table.

When it's time for the guest to pay, your waitstaff can directly swipe their credit cards at the table using these tablets. Payments are processed, gratuities are added, and the entire procedure is streamlined. This saves time, removes customer frustration, and helps bring your restaurant into a paperless future.

CuliQuip can help your establishment discover the benefits of using wireless point-of-sale systems. Find out about our full range of restaurant supplies, including wireless systems, when you visit our website. You can also schedule a consultation by calling us at (240) 489-2588 today.

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