How Can Energy-Efficient Equipment Help the Environment?


If the average restaurant’s kitchen replaced all of its kitchen appliances and equipment with energy-efficient models, it could save $10,000 dollars a year or more on utilities. But the reasons for using energy-efficient equipment go beyond saving money. If all restaurants made use of energy-efficient equipment, vast amounts of energy could be saved and each restaurant’s emissions curbed. Using energy-efficient equipment can:

Conserve Electricity

Unfortunately, much of the annual energy consumed by older restaurant equipment serves no purpose, according to Food Service Technology Center. The reason for this is that the equipment runs 24/7 at full blast and has an inferior design compared to today’s more advanced equipment. Energy-efficient equipment uses less electricity by holding temperatures better, which puts less stress on your heating or cooling elements, with magnetic door gaskets, self-cleaning features, and other hi-efficiency functions. It also reduces your restaurant’s carbon footprint.

Reduce Water Usage

The average restaurant uses thousands of gallons of water a day. One of the main culprits for overuse of water is the dishwasher. Energy-efficient dishwashing equipment can save thousands of dollars and gallons of water a year. Older, pre-rinse spray valves were designed to use three to four gallons of water a minute, but using fewer gallons per minute would do the job just as well. High-efficiency units spray around 1.6 gallons per minute. With an energy-efficient sprayer, you’ll save tons of water and an average of $325 a year on water and sewer bills. Commercial dishwashers use more water than is necessary and tend to leak at the wash curtains and connection points. Energy-efficient models make use of water and electricity more efficiently and can save you $720 on electricity annually and $300 on water. By conserving water in your restaurant, you will be doing your part to contribute to a sustainable future.

CuliQuip is proud to be an Energy Star retail partner. We stock Energy Star rated qualified equipment and make it available for our customers looking to go green and save green. Give us a call at (240) 489-2588 today to learn more about our Energy Star Commercial Food Service Product Categories.

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