How Does a Wireless Point of Sale System Work and What Are the Benefits?


It used to be that point of sale transactions could take place only with clunky cash registers or by hand calculations. With the advent of wireless technology, this has changed radically. Wireless point of sale systems are revolutionizing the restaurant industry, making staff and customer interactions seamless and efficient. When you are purchasing restaurant equipment, consider the benefits that a wireless point of sale system can provide:

How It Works

Modern technology is changing the face of the restaurant industry. With wireless point of sale systems, your wait staff can take customer orders at the table with a handheld device and submit them to the kitchen immediately. No longer do you need to worry about mistakes from hurried handwriting or losing the order slip—wireless point of sale systems nearly eliminate the potential for order errors. Your servers will also be able to swipe credit or debit cards right at the table, so your busy customers can be on their way. They can even email receipts to customers, saving paper and adding the customer to your email list at the same time. Both your servers and your staff will appreciate the streamlined point of sale system.


In addition to the added ease of doing business, your restaurant can benefit from the public’s perception of your wireless point of sale system. Customers will be impressed with your use of technology and may be more likely to spread the word about your restaurant to their friends and families. Wireless point of sale systems along with your exceptional food and service can help to create buzz around your restaurant.

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