How Induction Cooking Works

How Induction Cooking Works

GE Appliances demonstrates that induction cooking is a two-part system. An electromagnetic field of energy and a pan with an iron-based core are both required for induction cooktops to work.

If you’ve been thinking about installing induction burners in your commercial kitchen, you will want to make sure that the cookware you purchase from your restaurant supply company works well with their specific technology. You can check the capacity for a pan to work on an induction cooktop by taking a simple magnet to it. If the non-copper, aluminum or stainless steel material sticks to the magnet, then it will be conducive to induction cooking.

Once you turn on an induction burner, the transfer of heat from the surface to the eligible cookware is facilitated by a combination of alternating electric currents and magnetic energy. To learn more about the process by which induction cooking heats food, take a look at this video. You can find the induction cooking equipment you need for your commercial kitchen by calling CuiliQuip at (240) 489-2588.

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