How To Create A Great Restaurant Menu


Have you ever been to a restaurant that had delicious food but featured a boring or unappealing menu? If so, then you know how important it is that you make your own menu as exciting as possible. For helpcreating a restaurant menu that will help sell your food and keep customers coming back for many years, consider the following tips.

Choosing Dishes
If your restaurant has a theme, the dishes you plan should be coordinated to work with it. To broaden your appeal, you may want to add a few fusion dishes or dishes that are inspired by types of cuisine from other parts of the world. This way, the outlier in a party of Indian or Mexican food lovers can enjoy a salad or hamburger. A restaurant design and equipment consultant can help you optimize the dishes on your menu.

Setting Prices
When selecting prices for your dishes, there are several factors to consider. First and foremost, you want to ensure that you will turn enough profit from your dishes to keep your restaurant running. After this, you should think about your restaurant’s location and the type of patron you wish to draw. For example, restaurants with a dress code typically have higher prices than those that are frequented by casual diners.

Designing a Layout
The layout of your menu is also important, as it will be representative of your restaurant, your brand, and the cuisine that you serve. Fonts, colors, borders, graphics, and wording placement should all be strategically selected. The font should be easy on the eyes and fairly consistent. A layout and cover design expert can help you create a menu that is ideally branded and easy to read.

If the restaurant you are starting or injecting new life into is located in Baltimore, D.C., Philadelphia, or NYC, CuliQuip can help you design a menu that will draw customers to your storefront and impress them once they are inside. To learn more about our menu cover, design, and consulting services, call (240) 489-2588! We can also provide you with all of the kitchen equipment you need to own an efficient and productive restaurant.

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