How To Maintain Restaurant Ice Machines


Any good restaurant owner or manager knows that properly maintaining the ice machine is important to ensuring the health and safety of customers. If this piece of restaurant equipment is neglected, it can quickly become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Here is a guide to maintaining your restaurant ice machines:

Deep Clean Frequently

Instruct your staff to thoroughly clean the ice machines at least once per week. Since each ice machine is different, take a look at the user manual provided by your restaurant equipment manufacturer for cleaning tips. Most machines will need to be rinsed with a simple solution in order to sanitize the interior and guarantee proper function.

Get Tough on Yeast

One of the most common problems that restaurant owners face is slimy buildup that develops as a result of different types of yeast, including airborne yeast or baking yeast. If your ice maker is in close proximity to restaurant equipment used for baking, take extra steps to prevent yeast by scrubbing the machine often.

Change the Filters

Just like the filters on your air conditioner or furnace, your ice machine’s filters need to be changed regularly. Unless your user manual states otherwise, replace each filter every six months to enhance the performance of your machine. This simple and inexpensive step also makes the machine more sanitary.

Have Machines Serviced

In addition to performing weekly cleanings, it’s a good idea to have a professional maintenance company inspect your ice machine and other restaurant equipment twice a year. During these visits, technicians can check for any problems with the function or hygiene of each machine.

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