Important Equipment Required For On-premise Baking


Whether you plan on opening the hottest bakery in the neighborhood or just love the concept of featuring fresh baked goods on your restaurant menu, you’re going to need the right baking equipment from yourDC restaurant supplies company to ensure the best-tasting products for your clients. With the right professional guidance and a little research, you can choose products that both support your operation and fit within your budget. Here is a look at some important equipment required for on-premise baking.

Dough Mixers and Rollers
If you and your colleagues will be producing large quantities of baked goods each day, it’s important for you to invest in strong equipment that can mix your dough and roll it out efficiently. Dough mixers vary in size and should be chosen based on your expected production quantities each day. Rollers (also known as “sheeters”) are a must-have if you need to roll out pizza dough or piecrusts in a timely manner.

Reliable Oven Equipment
The types of oven you choose for your restaurant will depend on what items you need to bake. Convection ovens are the best choice for breads and rolls, whereas a rack oven is a great fit for large amounts of cookies. Be sure to check with your local fire and safety codes before installing any type of commercial oven.

Proofing Cabinet
Even the novice baker knows that dough needs plenty of time to rise before it can be baked.Professional bakers can expedite the rising with help from a warm and humid proofing cabinet. Your Philadelphia restaurant equipment company can help you choose from freestanding models or units that fit under your counters to maximize space.

Other items you may find useful in your bakery or commercial kitchen are proofer units and dough dividers. You can find all of the equipment you need for your business right here at CuliQuip. To learn more about our products and services, call us at (240) 489-2588.

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