Reasons to Use Stainless Steel in Your Restaurant Kitchen

Large commercial kitchen

There are valid reasons that so many restaurants prefer stainless steel kitchen products. Stainless steel is fire-resistant, hygienic, and highly durable. Just look around any serious kitchen and you’re bound to see stainless steel prep tables, sinks, kitchen lines, containers, cabinets, and pans almost everywhere you look. The benefits include:


Unlike its cousins in the steel family, stainless steel will not rust. One-tenth of stainless steel is chromium, a substance that shields the stainless surface of the pan, appliance, or cutlery from being penetrated by air and moisture—the two ingredients needed to form rust. Chromium is non-toxic and passive.


Considering its life cycle and kitchen-friendly qualities, stainless steel provides the best bang for your buck. It’s useful in a wide range of applications and can withstand extremely hot and cold temperatures, saving you the trouble of buying multiple appliances made from different materials for various uses.

Good for Cooking Acidic Foods

Unlike aluminum or iron, stainless steel is non-reactive, so when it comes to cooking acidic foods, you won’t taint the taste with a metallic taste.


Stainless steel is less likely to break, spot, or bend than other materials under the pressure of a fast-paced professional kitchen. If you care properly for a stainless steel surface, it will last about 100 years. It is completely recyclable. It’s also impact-resistant, meaning that if you drop it won’t shatter like glass or Formica.

Easier to Clean and Sanitize

Stainless steel has no cracks or pores, making it much easier to clean than other kitchen surfaces or materials. It also does not scratch easily, and holds up well over years of use. Because it does not absorb moisture, it is highly resistant to bacteria and viruses.

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