Restaurant Design: The Vital Role Played By Lighting


As your Baltimore restaurant design professionals will share with you, atmosphere plays just as critical a role in the success of a restaurant as the menu or customer service. From task lighting in the kitchen to ambient lighting in the dining room, there are plenty of lighting styles you can choose from to create a functional and attractive space. Here is a closer look at the vital role played by lighting.

The Right Lighting Should Complement the Cuisine
When meeting with your Baltimore restaurant design professional, be sure to accurately convey the atmosphere of the restaurant and the type of cuisine that will be served. This will allow the two of you towork out a lighting plan that complements the menu. For instance, an intimate French café will be lit in a different manner than a lively and vivacious pizza parlor.

Diners Will Respond Best to Well-Distributed Lighting
It’s essential that your lighting be evenly distributed throughout the dining room so that customers don’t feel distracted while sitting in an over-lit or under-lit area. Diners who spend more time wishing they could see the meal in front of them than actually enjoying its deliciousness are less likely to leave with a positive impression.

Dimmers Allow for Different Moods Throughout the Day
One of the best ways to change up the lighting throughout the day is to use dimmers. This allows you to provide clients with a less formal, more comfortable environment during lunch hours and a more intimate setting as the night goes on. Your Baltimore restaurant design team can work with you to set appropriate lighting levels for your target crowds, whether they be the afternoon lunch crew or the romantic dinner crowd.

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