The Basics Of Disposing Of Your Restaurant's Used Cooking Oil


As the owner or manager of a bustling restaurant, it’s your responsibility to educate your staff on the basics of using restaurant equipment properly and carrying out everyday functions in a manner that is respectful to coworkers as well as the surrounding environment. One such task that you should thoroughly address with kitchen personnel is the disposal of used cooking oil. Here is a guide to getting rid of this substance in a safe and environmentally conscious way.

Research Local Facilities That Can Recycle Used Oil
With the push to go green currently transforming numerous industries, the restaurant industry can play its part by donating used oil to be recycled into biodiesel. You can find grease haulers in your area toremove your used oil via the Internet or with help from the EPA, with whom each renewable fuel producer should be legally registered.

Avoid Sinks and Drains at All Costs
You can pay the environment a huge favor by eliminating all sinks and drains as resources for disposing of used oil. Not only will the oil congeal and cause clogs inside of the drainpipes, but it can also leak into the local water supply and cause unnecessary pollution.

Toss the Idea of Reusing the Oil Out the Window
Although it may be tempting to reuse the oil once or twice, doing so places your employees at a greater risk of being hurt, as used oil’s optimal burning level is drastically lower than new oil. Furthermore, since it burns faster, it could affect the quality of your food. If that’s not enough to convince you, consider the fact that used oil can go rancid after a short while and pose a health risk to diners.

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