The Importance of Having Sneeze Guards in the Kitchen


If a customer eats at your restaurant and wakes up ill the next morning, chances are that he or she won’t be coming back. In fact, the customer will probably make sure that their friends and family know exactly what happened. What begins as a simple sneeze in the kitchen can in this manner lead to a serious hit to your business.

For this reason, there is no such thing as being too cautious when it comes to ensuring health and safety in your restaurant. Whether you are dealing with food preparation, storage, or any other aspect of the restaurant business, you should do your utmost to make sure that the food you serve is hygienic. Here are some reasons why it is important to have sneeze guards in the kitchen.

Prevent Illness

The most important reason why you should install sneeze guards in your kitchen is that doing so can help prevent illness. If a worker in your kitchen happens to sneeze in the vicinity of food that is being served to a customer, there is a chance that a food-borne illness will be transmitted to the customer.

Protect Your Reputation

Food-borne illness affects more than just the health of your customers, however. Without proper safeguards in place, your business can be severely damaged. In a world with customer reviews, such incidents can damage your restaurant’s reputation and make people reluctant to patronize your restaurant.

Promote Health and Safety

Another reason to install sneeze guards in your kitchen is to promote health and safety in your kitchen. Not only will this help your staff practice healthy habits in the kitchen, but it will also ensure health inspectors that you place high value on the health and safety of your customers.

Don’t take any risks when it comes to the cleanliness of your restaurant. Sneeze guards are a simple way to ensure that you do not transmit food-borne illnesses to your customers. To learn more about the importance of having sneeze guards in the kitchen or to order the equipment for your restaurant, call CuliQuip at (240) 489-2588 or visit us online today.

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