Tips For Keeping Your Commercial Fryer Clean


A commercial fryer is a wonderful thing. Without it, delicacies such as French fries, chicken tenders, and fried ice cream simply would not be the same. In fact, they might not even exist at all! To keep the commercial fryer in your restaurant clean so that it maintains its effectiveness and doesn’t hinder your goal of getting that highly coveted top health rating, employ the following tips:

Drain Regularly
Regardless of whether your fryer is powered by gas or electricity, it will be a hotspot for the buildup of oil and grease. To keep these materials from scumming up the sides of your fryer, drain it daily. If your fryer gets an exceptional amount of use, you may want to drain it two or three times a day. To save money and go easy on the environment, run fat through a commercial filter and reuse it.

Remove Sediment
When you filter fat through your commercial filters, sediment that has accumulated in your fryer will be separated out. If you spot additional crumbs and solid residue on your own, remove them from the fryer as well.

Clean Thoroughly and Often
In addition to draining and filtering, you should scrub your fryer clean on a regular basis. Your fryer should be scrubbed down on a daily basis, and it should be rinsed frequently as well. Rinse it out with a weak vinegar and water solution once a week or whenever you notice gummy dregs taking root in your fryer.

CuliQuip, a Mid-Atlantic provider of culinary equipment and restaurant IT solutions, has a host of cleaning supplies in its inventory. To find out which of these will best help you keep your commercial fryer clean, call (240) 489-2588. If your fryer has seen better days or you have yet to invest in one but are looking, we can provide you with a fryer that will serve as the perfect addition to your Philadelphia, New York, or D.C. restaurant.

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