Useful Kitchen Slang For Anyone In The Restaurant Industry


Whether you are just beginning to invest in high quality equipment for your new restaurant or you already own multiple establishments in a large market such as Philadelphia, Washington D.C., or New York City, you probably already know that the kitchen has its own language. You can communicate better with your chefs—and surprise your staff—by familiarizing yourself with these commonly used kitchen slang words.

Only a restaurant’s kitchen staff knows that “order” is actually a command to start making a dish at some point in the future. For example, when a diner orders an appetizer and a main dish, the expediter will “order” both when the ticket comes in, but the chef only prepares the appetizer until further notice.

To fire a menu item is to start cooking a dish that has been previously “ordered.” The best servers carefully watch all their tables to gauge when guests will be ready for their next course. When it’s time, they will tell the expediter to “fire” the next course, and the expediter will pass it on to the chef.

An expediter, or expo, is the person who coordinates incoming tickets from the dining room, dispatches orders to the chef, and assembles the components of a dish. The expo is also responsible for quality control, so the buck stops here if a poorly made meal goes out to the front of the house.

Mise en Place
In a restaurant kitchen, even the equipment has names. Mise en place, or “set in place” in French, is the arrangement of ingredients at a station where a chef cooks. For example, a grill station may have oil, sauces, and different kinds of meat.

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