Warewashing Equipment for Your Restaurant Kitchen

Empty clean industrial kitchen dishwasher

When you run a restaurant, cleanliness is paramount. If your kitchenware is not clean, it will negatively affect the quality of the food. Furthermore, dirty kitchenware also poses a health risk to your customers and could land you in trouble with inspectors. For this reason, it is absolutely imperative to ensure that your warewashing equipment is of the highest quality. Here are some examples of warewashing equipment that you can use in your restaurant’s kitchen.


The dishwasher is the staple piece of equipment for washing kitchenware. In a restaurant setting, you need a dishwasher that can handle large amounts of volume without sacrificing efficacy. In other words, you need to make sure that all of your dishes are sparkling clean. When it comes to dishwashers, however, there are many choices. For example, there is the standard high capacity dishwasher. One particular model from American Dish Service can complete 74 racks per hour with a 90 second cycle time. For restaurants with even more dish volume, a Conveyer Warewasher might be the better choice. A Conveyer Warewasher from American Dish Service is capable of cleaning 244 racks per hour.


Garbage disposals are the workhorse of any kitchen. A good disposal helps you prevent clogs and keep your dishes clean by eliminating food waste. Furthermore, disposals are an integral part of an efficient kitchen because they allow you to take care of dirty dishes quickly. When choosing a garbage disposal for your kitchen, it is important to keep in mind the kind of food waste you generally deal with and the volume of dishes that pass through your kitchen. For smaller kitchens, a basic unit will be sufficient. However, if you deal with a particularly large amount of food waste, you may want to consider one of the more powerful units.

The appliances described above are just a sample of the equipment involved in warewashing. In addition to dishwashers and disposers, you will also need a sink and dish racks, among others. To learn more about warewashing equipment for your kitchen, call CuliQuip at (240) 489-2588 or visit us online

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