Watch CuliQuip And Gordon Ramsay Team up to Re-Equip a Restaurant in Kitchen Nightmares

Sometimes, restaurants need a helping hand. This Philadelphia Mexican eatery, Zocalo, was in dire straits. Non-functioning kitchen equipment, conflicted staff, and high stress levels all contributed to make service times excessive and operations anything but smooth.

Gordon Ramsay began this restaurant’s rescue with Southbend ranges from CuliQuip. A beautiful 10-burner dual-oven system, perfect for a small busy kitchen, was the centerpiece addition to their transformation of this restaurant. In addition, wireless point-of-sale systems using individual iPads and home units are designed to streamline the ordering process. The wireless system tracks inventory, transmits orders directly to the kitchen, and even takes note of sales figures.

With upgrades like these, you can revamp your own restaurant into a smooth and profitable powerhouse. Let CuliQuip help transform your restaurant with quality equipment and streamlined point-of-sale systems. Visit us online for more information, or contact us at (240) 489-2588.

CuliQuip and Southbend install a new 10 burner range that is perfect for small busy kitchens at Zocalo in Philadelphia, PA for Chef Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. Additionally, Zephyr Hardware and POSlavu provide a new streamlined POS System to help speed up table turnover and increase customer satisfaction.

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