What Are The Biggest Energy Consumers In Professional Kitchens?


As an experienced restaurateur, you understand how expensive running a restaurant can be. From purchasing restaurant supplies, disposables, and equipment to hiring employees and paying the monthly energy bills, staying on track with your finances can be tough at times. Here is a look at some of the biggest energy consumers in a professional kitchen and ways in which you can lower their consumption as well as their operational costs.

Ice Machines
Ice machines are one of the biggest energy consumers in both residential and commercial kitchens. In fact, it’s not uncommon to order a drink in other parts of the world and not receive ice, in part because the cost to generate even a few ice cubes is too great. You can reduce the consumption of your icemaker by looking for either a batch type or continuous type model that is Energy Star-approved.

Refrigeration Equipment
No restaurant is complete without a sufficient amount of refrigeration space. To keep your cool and frozen items right at their ideal temperature day after day without breaking the bank, be sure to speak to your Philadelphia restaurant equipment company about refrigeration units that are environmentally friendly.

Large Scale Dishwashers
When it comes to determining the eco-friendliness of a commercial dishwasher, most people’s minds quickly jump to its water consumption as the main concern. However, these restaurant essentials also consume an enormous amount of electricity each time they are run. In addition to replacing old units with Energy Star-certified products, be sure to only use the dishwashers when they are filled to capacity in order to lower your energy costs.

Other common culprits for excess energy consumption in the kitchen include commercial ovens and holding cabinets for warm food. You can learn more about incorporating energy-smart products into your commercial kitchen with help from CuliQuip. To arrange a consultation with our restaurant design team, give us a call today at (240) 489-2588.

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