What Features Should You Include In Your Restaurant Design?


Several important elements factor into your overall restaurant design. Before you can confidently open the doors of your establishment to the public, you want to make sure that these design elements are carefully thought out in order to create the best dining experience possible. Here are four important features you should include in your restaurant design:

A Functional Seating Plan

Your tables should allow for the maximum number of customers that you plan on serving at any given time. It should also provide enough space for both diners and servers to navigate easily. Make sure to space tables far enough away from restrooms, the entrance to the kitchen, and the main restaurant entrance.

Furniture That Fits Your Needs and Style

Your overall design needs to incorporate functional furniture like tables and chairs as well as decorative pieces that create mood and ambience. Certain design features like a full-service bar will require extra shopping and budgeting. Make sure each piece fits with the look you’re going for inside the restaurant.

A Well-Designed Kitchen

The success of your restaurant ultimately weighs on the quality of the food. Chefs need to be able to effectively make use of the kitchen layout that you design. Make sure you invest in the proper equipment and storage to make the kitchen as practical as possible.

An Attractive Menu

Don’t underestimate the importance of the cover and interior of your menu. Working with a professional restaurant design consulting service is a great way to ensure that your menu is one that reflects the flavors of your food and the atmosphere of your restaurant.

The process of designing a restaurant can feel overwhelming for first-time restaurateurs. At CuliQuip, we offer comprehensive commercial kitchen design services as well as numerous products to help make that process smooth and enjoyable. To learn how we can help you and your restaurant, call us today at (240) 489-2588.

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